Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Today, Wednesday, was our first day to wake up in Haiti and go out to serve in whatever way we are led.  The plan is the The Home for the Sick and Dying babies in the morning.  For some on our team this was their first experience in this setting and for the rest of us it was our first time going to their beautiful, new building.

It is bright and airy; filled with children and babies who raise their arms to use as we enter, in the hope of being picked up and cuddled.  We, with willing hands and hearts, gathered them up; as many as we could manage to wrap in our arms.  At one point, our only male team member Roy, was sitting with five children in his lap.  It was difficult to tell who was enjoying this more, Roy or the children.  Because we cannot take pictures, the rest of us captured this moment in our personal memory bank.  It was priceless.

While we were there, much love was given and even more was received by us to take away.  I love how God does that.  We come to Haiti, to serve and give and God in his wisdom, fills us to overflowing.  We helped feed the children, then it was time to leave, because it was nap time. For our team, a difficult departure as always.  Last hugs, cuddles and more than a few tears leaked out as we boarded the TapTap back to the guesthouse.  Our afternoon schedule was spending time at Gertrudes, home for special needs children.  This is my personal favorite event.  This orphanage has been added on to and is bright and open with a new play area for the children. Most of the children were out of their wheelchairs and on to the floor.  As we each were drawn to our own special angel, we sat with them on the floor.  Some of the children would go from lap to lap and some were content to sit and be cuddled.  I was in my "happy place" as Rosalyn snuggled as close as she could get. 

Two of our team had elected to spend the afternoon at the wound clinic and came home with their stories to share. 

After dinner, we shared our word of the day.  A very wide range of emotions were covered; fulfilled, conflicted, hurting, caregiver, were a few.  This opened up a time of sharing, discussion and bonding.  Our evening ended with a salsa lesson under the stars.  What a great ending to our first day on the mission field.  Thank you Lord for all you've given us.  --Marilyn Bomouse

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